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Category: Email Marketing Services (AKA Email Autoresponder Services)
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What really jumped out at us upon visiting the Streamsend website for the first time was the price which was more than half that of other leading email marketing providers in this category. Furthermore, the sheer quantity of emails that Streamsend is set up to send dwarfs the industry average; with other companies, you may even have to put together a special plan for lists of more than just 25,000 but with Streamsend in just a few clicks users can sign up for a 150,000 emails per month contract. To be perfectly honest, throughout the rest of our testing of this product, it was hard to look past this obvious advantage, but please read on for a comprehensive review of Streamsend’s features.

Features-wise, Streamsend boasts all the expected tools that allow you to run a professional email marketing campaign. The list segmentation feature allows further profiling within subscriber lists in order to ensure that the right messages are getting to the right groups of people – an absolute necessity when dealing with larger mailing lists. Also, their analysis tools, including full Google Analytics integration, allow you to get a grip on all that data in order to fine tune your campaign. The editor is easy to use, based on a drag and drop interface which is manageable for all. We were especially impressed with StreamSend’s Email Tester which allows you to test an email on 30 of the most popular mail clients and 9 of the most common anti-virus softwares. This enables you to ensure that your mail will not be junked due to a certain item of content, and will be readable for all users; imperative when sending out as much as 150,000 emails in one go!

The StreamSend brand is surrounded by a fun, personal vibe which instantly makes you feel at ease and as we moved on to check out their customer service options we were not disappointed. UK and US customers can call a toll free number within office hours for either sales or technical questions and there is also an international number, although you will have to pay for this. Possibly the easiest was to get in touch is by filling out their “Call Me Back” form after which you should be contacted within a few working days. However, this is not ideal for urgent inquiries and can be complicated for UK customers due to the time change.

We must say that we were a little disappointed that there was no live chat option, which is fast becoming an industry standard in this category. We believe this to be especially relevant due to the fact that StreamSend’s interface and features can be a bit confusing for those of us new to email marketing. Yes, the webinars you receive upon sign up do help you get started, and true, getting basic use out of their software is as simple as drag and drop (you will no have to refer to any manual which is nice). However, the desktop can seem a little overcrowded with tools which beginners will not really understand. Advanced features such as API integration and dedicated IP addresses are not adequately explained and may put beginners off. It seemed that the training materials available were not sufficient to allow beginners to get full use out of StreamSend, and with email marketing, trial and error is not an option. Yes, StreamSend do offer training and template conversion services, but these are quite expensive and may be out of reach for those on a small budget.

Overall, experienced email marketers will get a lot out of StreamSend’s advanced tools and rock bottom prices which could cut your costs in half! Do expect a learning curve, but with a little patience you should be able to get the hang of StreamSend’s more advanced features. Those new to email marketing may want to start out with a program that is slightly more user friendly, as Streamsend’s array of features does make it slightly more difficult to use. However, we would recommend that everyone at least check out StreamSend’s free 30 day trial, because in the end this is the best way to gauge whether this is the right email marketing service for you.

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