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Category: Email Marketing Services (AKA Email Autoresponder Services)
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Arial Software Review

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The first thing that’ll catch your eye when you come across Arialsoftware is an enormous list of impressively sophisticated features topped off by unique in-house dedicated software. The second thing you’ll notice however is a huge price tag. Even if you keep in mind that this is a one off payment, it still dwarfs the costs of email marketing services with other providers in this category. So is it worth it? Read on as we review Arialsoftware’s unique and intriguing take on email marketing.

The centre piece of Arialsoftware’s email marketing service is their in-house software “Email Marketing Director”, which includes the ability to single-handedly run a full email marketing campaign all from a web-based product. You have the choice of 3 modes of delivery, and you can easily import HTML into the newsletter for seamless delivery. You can also see if emails are bad, marked as spam, or bounced - so you can eliminate them from your subscriber list automatically. This is a feature that’s invaluable in terms of reaching more consumers, and not getting dropped from the service like other email marketing providers often do. What impressed us most is that Ariel Software is one of the only products in this category that can be fully integrated with your database. This will be invaluable to those business customers with massive databases for whom importing contacts and synchronizing sources manually would simply be impossible.

Arialsoftware’s cheapest plan starts at $985. Now although this is just a one off payment, it still must be kept in mind that one can easily find a higher capacity service for a fraction of the price. And what is more, with Arialsoftware you have to pay extra for support! After comparing the price of a competitive annual plan in this category with Arialsoftware’s one off payment model, we worked out that it would take about 10 years of use to make Arialsoftware an economic choice. We did appreciate the 30 days free support that users receive upon purchase as this will help you get set up and evaluate your future support needs but even so, having put down such a large initial payment, having to pay quite a lot more for support did leave a bitter taste.

If you’re sure to be committing long term to email marketing, then Arialsoftware may work out to be a good choice as you will be just making a one off payment for a high quality piece of marketing software. However, individuals, charities and even small businesses may find the initial down payment off-putting. Furthermore, the long term commitment to ArialSoftware that is required may result in a loss of flexibility for your business that can be avoided with a far cheaper annual plan from other products in this category. Moreover, the email marketing services industry is relatively new, dynamic, and fast changing. Hence, despite being an undeniably good product, we would not recommend you sink such a high sum into Arialsoftware as you may end up feeling increasing restricted in the future. This said, if you have the capital to invest, then it may turn out that ArialSoftware is exactly the email marketing service for you. There is no harm in checking out their excellent website and those serious about a long term email marketing strategy would certainly benefit from a closer look. Click here now to go straight to their website and learn more about what ArialSoftware can bring to your business.

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