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Boomerang Review

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We see a lot of promise in the services that Boomerang Email Marketing Solutions offers to its customers. One thing we really like that sets Boomerang apart from most of the competition is that users can elect to follow either a self-service campaign – where they do all the work themselves – or a full-service campaign where, for the right price, Boomerang’s seasoned marketing professionals will work closely with you to create solutions that meet your specific needs. Anyone with any experience in email marketing knows that there are times when things get hectic; newer campaigns can fall through the cracks or large campaigns can overwhelm even hardened pros. In order to survive in such a volatile industry the self-service and full-service options are a huge benefit to Boomerang's customers.

We certainly appreciated Boomerang’s free trial with which users can send up to 100 emails free as well as enjoy access to the majority of Boomerang’s top quality features. Basing the free trial on the actual number of emails sent rather than a specific length of time, like most other programs, benefits those in the beginning stages of an email marketing career or campaign. In this way, there is no pressure; you can take your time designing your template, get to grips with the features, and send out a small test batch. You can even leave the free trial “on ice” for a while, and come back to it when you’re less busy. Boomerang’s customer centric approach allowed us to wait until we were truly ready to make a decision, before signing up to a paid plan.

Though many companies offer similar services to those available with Boomerang, none are identical, especially when it comes to the full-service marketing features. The closest competition to Boomerang, in the eyes of many, would have to be AWeber, which has one thing that Boomerang can't really touch at this point in time – name recognition. We believe that won't be the case for long, however, and see a bright future ahead for Boomerang Email Marketing Solutions.

In addition to a wide range of features and corresponding prices, an excellent and growing reputation among marketers, and a full-service option that is sure to one day become the envy of all other email marketing vendors, Boomerang Email Marketing Solutions still manages to offer a wide range of training options. These training options include live webinars that have been created to help users grow and expand their businesses. It's a wise move on behalf of Boomerang, who clearly know that happy customers who are making a profit aren't very likely to take their business elsewhere. We see great things happening with Boomerang Email Marketing Solutions and believe the average Internet marketer can improve his or her business by joining and taking advantage of the many benefits that are offered. Click here to visit their website and take their top of the range email marketing services for a spin.

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