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Category: Email Marketing Services (AKA Email Autoresponder Services)
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MadMimi Review

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Within the first minute of visiting the Mad Mimi website it was already clear that we were dealing with a notably different email marketing service; even the name Mad Mimi stands out from the rest of the pack. Sure, a little lightheartedness is never a bad thing, but when it borders on the unprofessional, one begins to doubt whether the email marketing service in question will really be adequate for their long term needs; especially if those are ambitious large scale business growth plans. Hence, it all came down to the question of whether or not, under its fun, relaxed exterior, Mad Mimi boasts the features and usability that will enable you to set up and run a professional email marketing campaign. Read on to find out where our testing brought us.

Mad Mimi’s free trial, like all the top products in this category, does not require you to pay anything, nor hand over any credit card details. What is more, up there with the best, Mad Mimi, offers their free version forever. In this way, there is no pressure whatsoever to sign up to a paid plan; you can keep using the free plan until your email marketing needs grow. Prices are competitive and vary according to your marketing needs. It is also easy to upgrade, downgrade or cancel your plan at any time.

Once you are set up with a username and password you can dive straight into designing your fist emails and importing your lists. Mad Mimi uses a WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) editor. Users can add new content, pictures, links, custom fonts and colors through a simple drag and drop interface. This way Mad Mimi makes it possible to quickly and easily put together a professional looking marketing email without having to understand HTML.  Although Mad Mimi doesn’t boast as many templates as some other providers in this category, we were impressed with what we saw; cool, original designs, a long way from some of the tacky, spammy looks you get with some templates. Although there are other products in this category which boast a similar email editor, few can be said to be as simple as that of Mad Mimi. They even give the option to choose a color scheme; just one of many tools that allow even those without an “eye for design” to create a smart, informative marketing email.

Obviously, simplicity will inevitably mean reduced flexibility and complexity which some professional email marketers may feel will limit their design ambitions. Fortunately, due to Mad Mimi’s obvious prowess in marketing design, your emails will still look professional and engaging. However, with over 40 million emails sent daily with Mad Mimi, there is the danger your emails may end up looking quite similar to those of other Mad Mimi users. Although, there have been no complaints as yet, we do hope Mad Mimi take measures to avoid becoming victims of their own success.

Despite no phone line, which may disappoint some users, we were generally pleased with the support offered by Mad Mimi; through email (24hr) and live chat (9am – 6pm EST) they are able to answer almost all of your questions clearly and promptly. Furthermore, if what you really need is to talk to a human being, it is possible to email them requesting a call back. Mad Mimi also offer a significant amount of training material including a quick start guide, tutorials, demos, FAQs, and an excellent blog with insider tips from experts in the email marketing industry. Also, for an additional payment, Mad Mimi provides custom branding and design assistance, making it even easier to get started.

In conclusion, for their simple user interface, informal approach to email marketing, and excellent customer support, we would recommend Mad Mimi above all to beginners. Their service is one of the most accessible in this category while still leaving us satisfied with the end result in terms of email design, list management, tracking, and analysis. Experienced marketers may find they do not need such simplicity, and in come aspects may even feel restricted. However, it must be noted that Mad Mimi can still compete with the best, despite not boasting as huge a features list as some other email marketing services. Overall, being rather unique in this category, Mad Mimi is definitely worth one of our top ten spots and certainly merits a closer look. Check them out now by clicking here.

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