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Category: Email Marketing Services (AKA Email Autoresponder Services)
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GetResponse Review

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GetResponse is a feature packed email marketing service which, while being easy to use, offers some advanced tools that many other products in this category lack. Although at first glace, their price scheme may not seem especially competitive, it is worth noting that all plans come with unlimited emails. This is fantastic for those marketers who may not be looking to grow their lists into anything enormous, but do plan on sending a high volume of mail to their existing contacts. Likewise, if your emailing needs are not especially regular (i.e. some low volume months and some high volume months), GetResponse give you the flexibility to send as many emails as you want without being limited or overcharged by a price per email plan that is more common in this category.

As standard for this category, GetResponse offer a 30 day no credit card required free trial so that users may try out GetResponse’s features before making any purchase decision. Once signed up, your first stop will be the email editor which allows you to build from scratch using HTML, import your existing templates, customize a ready made email template, or design your marketing email using GetResponse’s excellent drag and drop email creator. With an email ready to send out, GetResponse make it easy for users to import their lists whether as CMS files from their computer, or from other online sources such as GoogleMail or Linkdin.

We were most impressed with the statistical reports which GetResponse provide to their users once an email marketing campaign is underway. While some products in this category leave you with a daunting, difficult to understand dataset, GetResponse lay everything out very simply. So much so that, even at a glace, it is easy to identify trends and analyze impact in order to fine tune your email marketing campaign. We were also impressed by GetResponse’s training materials and support. They offer a long line of FAQs, case studies, product tutorials, videos, reports, and webinars to help educate customers on how to get the most of their email marketing efforts. They also make a big effort to impart to users their rigorous standards when it comes to anti-spam and best practice in email marketing.

Customer care and a sense of good business practice are also evidenced by the obvious importance that GetResponse place on support. Trained and courteous staff are available to answer questions via live chat, email, and toll-free telephone Monday thru Friday 8am– 8pm EST and on Saturday from 9am–5pm. GetResponse enjoy great levels of customer satisfaction in this area and we can attest to speedy and knowledgeable service. This is also one of the reasons why last year they received several awards from various renowned industry bodies.

It's the nice long list of features that makes GetResponse a real winner when it comes to email marketing systems. From the autoresponder message system to the social media integration and spam checker, even experienced marketers will not be left wanting. But GetResponse doesn't stop with these. They also offer video email marketing, professional email templates, inbox previews, iPhone applications, Android applications, and split testing. The only slight drawback, conspicuous only in its absence, is GetResponse’s inability to send out automatic emails according to which links people click on. This may be frustrating for those of us who use this tool regularly, but for the rest, it shouldn’t be a problem.

In conclusion, GetResponse is a reliable option for anyone looking to send a high volume of emails to a relatively stable amount of subscribers. This way, you will be taking advantage of unlimited emails backed up by excellent features, comprehensive training materials, and attentive personal support. Some users may find their email marketing limited by relatively small list sizes, and those with small email delivery needs may find themselves paying for capacity which they are not utilizing. If you happen to fall under one of these categories, we recommend you possibly look elsewhere. For everyone else however, we strongly recommend a closer look at GetResponse. Click here for their website and sign up to their 30 day free trial.

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