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ResultsMail, owned by Excedior, Inc., describes itself as “The Next Dimension in Email”. However, after some time test driving this product, to be honest we couldn’t really see why. This basic, yet very robust email marketing service does include all the tools you will need to put together a functioning email marketing campaign, but nothing more. True, ResultsMail do offer beautiful and professional templates in both HTML and plain text format, as well as a wide range of other features such as copy and paste content editing, test messaging, and real time reporting. In this way, although admittedly we were expecting more from ResultsMail, at the end of the day it is still a decent product.

Hence, ResultsMail does make it into our top 20 of the best email marketing programs out there today and does deserve a closer look. What we liked about this service was the ease of use; there was no need to navigate a labyrinth of marketing, special promotions, cutesy mascots, or complicated price plans. Users simply arrive at the ResultsMail website where they will find a concise features list and straight forward price plan. This no nonsense approach continues into the usability of the ResultsMail email marketing platform which is professional and simple from the word go. ResultsMail’s prices are, although competitive, not market beating, especially when ResultsMail’s rather limited features set is taken into account. However, when we compare ResultsMail to other similarly “professional” services in this category, their prices are actually pretty good and certainly worth considering if this is what you're looking for.

From the templates and design options to the ability to create and pre-publish emails, you will find it easy to manage your email marketing campaigns. We found sign-up easy and were producing our first email using ResultMail’s user-friendly design software within minutes. Although the free trial limits users to just 500 emails, this will generally be enough for you to get to grips with the software and decide whether this is the right program for you. However, don’t expect the extended free service offered by many of the market leaders in this category. Although, the initial level at $25 USD per month for up to 1,000 emails at a time is not a massive commitment, it is slightly worrying that ResultsMail do not make clear the details of their cancelation and money back policy; something that would certainly give potential customers peace of mind.

While ResultsMail isn’t the cheapest email marketing program out there today, it offers all the components that you would expect from a professional email marketing solution. By sending out a test first, we established that the email functioned well and looked great on the other end. Then, as soon as your emails start to reach your subscribers’ inboxes, you are able to see in real time the users who were opening and reading them. This was very encouraging. Any bounced emails were handled automatically and users removed from our list.

Although, due to the simplicity of ResultsMail, it is unlikely you will need extensive support, if you do happen to get stuck, don’t expect the snappy, professional, and round the clock support that many other services in this category offer. Firstly, with just an online form, your options are limited. Secondly, when we got in touch it took an agent 24 hours to respond. In the dynamic, fast changing world of email marketing this can be crippling to a business and we would like to see this service improved in the future.

Overall, it can be said that ResultsMail’s niche is competitive pricing for a simple, straight forward product. Users with little patience for over the top marketing and no need of a massive features list should check them out, as you may end up paying a lot more for a very similar service elsewhere. We appreciated the fact that the free trial is fully featured as in this way, you get a complete picture of what your signing up for. Click here to go straight to their website and check it out for yourself.

Use the 15-day free trial period to test drive ResultsMail and you’ll soon discover this is just what you are looking for in an email marketing software. While it’s not the lowest priced email marketing product, it is very easy to use and reliable, and the addition of the live reporting makes it very useful for any email marketing pro.

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