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Bronto is an email marketing product that’s designed specifically for the e-commerce business. What makes it unique is the level of customized support that’s offered from day one. Instead of being on your own during the sign-up and selection process, Bronto gives your business personal support from a real live person who is knowledgeable about email marketing for business growth. This is something that many business owners can benefit from as many choose the wrong email marketing software the first time around which can waste time and money.

The customized, professional level email marketing service from Bronto starts with an initial sign-up form that is done completely online. This takes less than 2 minutes, but you must fill out all the information and use a real business email and phone number. Expect a phone call from a Bronto representative within 24 hours or less. We received a call in the first 5 hours following our form submission, so as you can imagine this impressed us because a company that has live support is going to back up your email marketing needs.

Initially, we were a bit hesitant to sign up for the Bronto email marketing service because the pricing is at a somewhat higher level, starting at $995 per year after the brief trial. However, Bronto advised us that we could break up these payments and that equates to around $82 a month, which is very reasonable considering you get 60,000 subscribers with unlimited emails – a lot more than many other email marketing services offer. For companies that need more email campaigns sent on a frequent basis, there are also plans at a cost of $3,000 per year and up, which are suitable for enterprise email marketing programs of 100,000 emails or more.

The Bronto email marketing product offers a nice range of customized templates, with a private label offering (not seen with other email marketing software). This means that when a subscriber receives your mail, it appears in their inbox with your branding and logo, imparting a professional image. To have a programmer design this feature would cost far more than you're charged on this site. In addition, the reporting system is one of the best we’ve seen, with robust analytics and automatic problem email handling for worry free, focused email marketing campaigns.

Compared to other email marketing software, we think that Bronto offers a great product with responsive, personal support from knowledgeable email marketing specialists. This is something that is not especially common in an increasingly DIY industry. For a company looking to manage multiple email campaigns and promote a variety of services and products, such as an e-commerce business, this is critical to success. For a smaller business generating occasional or limited email marketing campaigns, this is probably not going to be as cost effective or necessary. Click here to browse through Bronto’s website, a pleasurable experience that will give you a great overview of what you can expect from a comprehensive email marketing service.

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